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Blackrose Gin at Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations

By Whisky Live Staff 01-05-2019

Black Rose Blush is a Cape Town produced and distilled Pink Gin. Pomegranate infused, we use only the finest natural botanicals and ingredients to create this unique and delicious gin. Best served with tonic water and fresh pomegranate seeds to garnish.

About the brand

Launched in January 2018, Black Rose is a South Africa produced and distilled Pink Gin. Hidden in the mountains of the Cape, Black Rose Gin is beautifully crafted in a copper pot for enhanced flavor enrichment. Distilled at a distillery located 60 kilometres outside Cape Town CBD, Black Rose is produced using only the finest botanicals and natural ingredients.

Black Rose ‘Blush’ is our Pink Gin expression. Infused with natural pomegranate to create a light, fresh and flavor bursting gin experience. Black Rose is the only pomegranate infused gin in the market, giving it a unique taste differential from any other gin. It’s also this infusion with pomegranate that gives Black Rose is striking pink colour.

5 natural botanicals give Black Rose it’s exquisite taste. This perfect blend of 5 is exactly the right amount when infused with pomegranate to let you enjoy the best of the botanical flavours against the sweetness of the pomegranate.

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