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Honest Chocolate at Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations

By Whisky Live Staff 02-05-2019

About the brand

Honest Chocolate is a small, artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Cape Town. They believe in keeping things handcrafted, using old school methods, using single origin, ethically sourced, organic cacao beans to making a pure chocolate that has a deliciously distinct feel and taste.

The most important thing for them is making a positive impact in peoples’ lives as much as they can. From the farmers in Tanzania to their staff and customers – they want to be part of ‘Chain of Positivity’ – and honesty is at the core of that chain. They always hold themselves to that value.

They get their cacao beans straight from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania ( Kokoa Kamili works directly with small scale farmers in the Kilombero Valley, about 10 hours from Dar es Salaam. They have set up a fermentary in the small town of Mbingu and they pay 24% more than market rate to the farmers. This has both empowered farmers and created jobs in the town. They also provide training and organic certification and conduct regular visits to the farms to check that the farming practices are ethical and organic.

Honest Chocolate do things truly by hand. Firstly, they use a stone grinder to grind down the organic cacao beans into chocolate, similar to stone-ground flour. They hand-temper their chocolate, which is the old school way of doing it. It’s a lot of fun and very meditative. They also hand foil and wrap each bar and write the date and batch number by hand and dip each chocolate bonbon by hand.

It’s a long process but very rewarding. And you know there’s personal attention with every slab. They love making dark chocolate and making people smile when they taste it!

Honest Chocolate have a chocolate café in Cape Town (64a Wale street) where they get to experiment with all things chocolate! From different types of hot chocolate, to brownies and experimental creations! Their goal is to open another Honest Chocolate Café in Joburg this year.

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