Whisky Live offers a range of Whisky tasting events year-round to suit every palate, from the ‘just curious’ newcomer to Whisky, to the seasoned connoisseur. There is no whisky event too big or too small: from bespoke tastings tailormade to suit executive clients’ individual preferences, to Whisky Live Celebrations in Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban - traditionally held in the first 6 months of the year - to the world’s biggest event of its kind, Whisky & Spirits Live, held annually in November in Sandton, now offering a range of hand-selected premium gins and other spirits.


Learn how to get the most from every dram as Whisky experts guide you through samples from a myriad of Whiskies at the Whisky Live Celebrations!

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Hosted annually in November at the Sandton Convention Centre, Whisky & Spirits Live is a premium Whisky and Spirits extravaganza in the truest sense of the word with more than 10 000 people visiting the show over 3 nights to sample new Whiskies and a selection of other premium spirits (including gin, rum, vodka and more), purchase gift packs ahead of the festive rush, enjoy experiential marketing at its best and see and be seen along with the who’s who of Johannesburg.

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Whether it’s to impress your top 10 clients or to break the ice and ease a group of 30 conference delegates into a networking evening, no bespoke tasting event is too big or too small for Whisky Live.

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Scan Whisky labels to get information on Whiskies, save your favourite Whiskies to create an online Whisky collection, rate Whiskies and compare ratings… And if your Whisky isn’t already on our database, simply add it!

This is only the beginning! Launched at the Whisky Live Festival in Sandton in November 2015, Whizzky’s database – and user base – is growing daily.

New features like sharing your Whisky collections with your friends and a space for you to record and share your own tasting notes have just been added!


Scan Whisky bottles (ensure that the label appears within the block) and let Whizzky deliver all the details into your hand: its history, where it’s bottled, its Alcohol by Volume, flavour profiles… the list goes on!

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